About Dree's Designs

My name is Adrienne Davidson but my friends call me Dree!

Over the years I have attended and taught many painting classes. My daughter celebrated her 12th birthday party at Cheers to Art, a step-by-step painting studio that closed their doors a few years ago. We had a great time, and her friends still have their Harry Potter themed paintings, 7 years later.

The joy it brought my daughter and her friends filled me with a desire to share this joy with as many people as I could. Cheers to Art then became my new home, giving me the opportunity to teach classes to all ages, from 6-year-old kids to 90-year-old veterans. When my daughter and her best friend wanted to do their first GNO, they decided to come to one of my classes! Even the University of Cincinnati thought that providing its students with a stress-reducing, auditorium-sized, painting class would be educational and fun! Whether it be two people, or fifty people, these painting classes were always rewarding.

The past few years I felt something was missing in my life and realized that I wanted to paint again! Though Cheers to Art had specific structure to its' classes, I wanted to take things a step further by creating a customizable painting and bringing the party to you! Incorporate your own menu and activities wherever you decide to host, and the party won't have to stop when the painting ends.

Let's PAINT!